11th hour engineering solutions

Ever get that sinking feeling? Ever been let down at the last minute? Whether that be because your own team have come up against unforeseen problems or an external supplier has not delivered. Then all may not be lost, Kajul have a potential solution.

Kajul now have a night shift useful for just such circumstances. A case in point, described below, has just utilized our nightshift

Our client encountered a component problem on a project with only hours, and not days, before the scheduled delivery.  Fortunately, Kajul had been able to prove themselves sufficiently with this client that they had the confidence to approach us. They recognised that Kajul’s facilities, skills and attitude might provide the partnership to resolve the issue.

In summary a three dimensional printed component they had commissioned had failed to deliver the accuracy required. As an essential element in the completed assembly due to be delivered the following day, our client was left with the prospect of letting their own customer down.

Drawing on a strong relationship already forged with Kajul our client approached us to see if we could assist with a solution. Of course we wouldn’t be writing this article if we hadn’t got a solution. More to boot, because of our recently introduced night shift we were able to comfortably deliver that solution in time for our client’s own deadline.

Karl Hamlin, Managing Director at Kajul said “There was some risk of underutilised capacity and unrecoverable costs in committing to a night shift. But this is just one example of many we have had since introducing the night shift where it has proved invaluable in providing urgent solutions and enhancing our relationship with clients.”

Want to learn more about our night shift and wider range of services please take a browse around our web site or email: Karl at karl@kajul.co.uk.

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