Design engineering proposition

Have we understood?
Will it work?
What will it look like?
How will it perform?
Will it be a precision fit?
Will it be affordable?
Can it be delivered on time?

Design Engineering at Kajul

These are questions we might ask ourselves about components we have yet to design, let alone manufacture. They might equally be questions we ask ourselves about a customer-supplier relationship.

It’s because we apply those same questions and rigour to our development process as we do to our customer service and relationships, that we are confident in delivering the ideal solution for your design engineering challenge.

With our blend of: ‘blank canvas’ experience, the latest CAD technologies, development engineering, rapid prototyping and precision manufacture we have an end-to-end perspective of how an engineering challenge can be masterfully addressed.

Contrary to the ‘right design at any cost’ school of thinking, we are commercially and time conscientious and driven by the delight in seeing the completed project ‘in-action’.

Sensitive to the complexities of demanding and sophisticated manufacture, particularly in the automotive sector, we are still able to bring flair and function to a process that can be fraught with constraints.

Whether it is: early concept; solid and surface modelling and scale models; working in clay, resins, woods, composites and metals we are able to work creatively in partnership with your team to develop and package components feasible for manufacture.