Keeping ahead of technological advances

Kajul, the Midlands-based engineering development company, stays at the forefront of technological advances by investing in state-of-the-art hardware and software, such as the Hexagon Absolute Arm, a portable co-ordinate measurement machine. This cutting-edge device allows Kajul to offer innovative engineering solutions to its clients with added bonuses.

The Hexagon Absolute Arm goes beyond traditional measurement devices. Its portability and advanced capabilities make it an invaluable tool for Kajul’s operations. Not only does it provide accurate co-ordinates for manufactured products, but it also checks tolerances and accuracy against specifications, using a combination of probe and laser technology.

One notable application of the Absolute Arm is demonstrated through its integration with Visi-Reverse software. This allows Kajul to laser scan existing components, import the data into CAD software, and create CAD models. This capability is particularly beneficial when original references to the component are lost, enabling Kajul to prototype or manufacture components with precision and efficiency.

Moreover, the portability of the Absolute Arm enables Kajul to bring the measurement process directly to components under manufacture in machine tools. This on-machine inspection ensures that components meet specifications in real-time, saving time and increasing accuracy. Previously, such tests would have to be conducted after the component was removed from the machine, leading to potential delays and rework.

Through strategic investments in advanced technology and collaboration with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Kajul expands its capabilities and offerings, positioning itself as a leader in innovation. Darren Laker, General Manager of Kajul, emphasizes the importance of these investments in providing comprehensive development solutions to clients.

By leveraging the Hexagon Absolute Arm and other cutting-edge tools, Kajul delivers solutions with confidence and accuracy, meeting the evolving needs of its customers while maintaining its reputation for excellence in the industry.