Investment in new innovations means more business for Kajul

KAJUL have recently bought a portable measurement device to support their innovations and their clients’ needs.

Hexagon Absolute Arm – the portable co-ordinate measurement machine used by KAJUL and demonstrated by team member


KAJUL is a Midlands-based design development company that specialises in delivering innovative, cost-efficient engineering solutions to meet specific needs. With the purchase of state of the art hardware and software, including this latest device, KAJUL’s clients can expect some innovative added-bonuses.

Take the Absolute Arm, for example, a portable co-ordinate measurement machine from Hexagon. Not only does it do what it says on the tin – it’s a portable measurement device that provides co-ordinates – it’s used to check manufactured products for tolerances and accuracy against specification. Handy for those in the business and especially clever as it uses a combination of a probe and laser to measure.

Let’s get into the detail:

On the one hand, the Absolute Arm in conjunction with a piece of software called Visi-Reverse, allows an existing component to be laser scanned, the data imported into CAD software to enable a CAD model to be built (live) which can then be used to prototype or manufacture from. This is especially useful if all other references to the component have been lost. Take a look at the related video below to see footage from a training exercise that Hexagon conducted at KAJUL.

On the other hand, being portable, the Absolute Arm can be taken to a component under manufacture in a machine tool – the component can be checked to ensure that it is meeting the specification agreed and either completed or adjusted to ensure it conforms to specification, before being taken off the machine tool. The added benefits of this process means there are time savings and increased accuracy, as, prior to this, such tests would have to be undertaken once the component had been removed from the machine and returned to the machine for completion or adjustment.

Over the years KAJUL have carefully invested in machines and software based on their ability to a do a quality job. And with the support of Hexagon AKA Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, who: “help industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow”, the local firm have expanded their offerings based on their innovation.

KAJUL’s MD, Karl Hamlin says: “Working together with its innovators, purchasing this software and hardware means Kajul is well placed to provide development solutions all in one location. Confidently and continually delivering more solutions and more accuracy, to its customers.”


More about the Visi-Reverse and Hexagon can be found here: