Return of the Queen’s Baton delivers pride to Kajul

Local product development business Kajul are proud to see the return of the Queen’s Baton to Birmingham on 27 July as part of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The relay began on 7 October 2021 at a special event at Buckingham Palace, signifying the start of a 294-day Relay through the 72 nations and territories of the Commonwealth.

The baton celebrates the champions of the Commonwealth Games and it will visit all ten of the second city’s Parliamentary constituencies during the final two days of its epic journey.

Arriving in Birmingham on Wednesday 27 July, the Baton will begin its tour of the city at the Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1832 and remains one of the city’s biggest attractions to this day. The baton represents four key themes that underpin the two days that the Baton will spend in Birmingham:

  • Celebrating equality and commonality across the city
  • Prioritising inclusivity and showcasing the rich diversity of the city
  • Showcasing biodiversity and connectivity
  • Engaging and inspiring younger generations in connecting with the Commonwealth and the Games

The team at Kajul, a Midlands-based design development company that specialises in delivering innovative, cost-efficient engineering solutions, worked alongside Raymont-Osman, the main Product Designers, as well as MAOKWO, Artists, and Birmingham Open Media, Technology Practitioners, to co-create the Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton.

Karl Hamlin, MD at Kajul, says: ‘It’s been a truly wonderful experience to work on the development and manufacture of the baton, joining in with the event at Buckingham Palace, and now being able to see its return to Birmingham this month. What an honour for the team at Kajul to be involved with.”

To find out more about the Queen’s Baton Relay and to register for updates, visit:


Photo: Kajul worked with other local firms to co-create the Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton for the Commonwealth Games which will be returning to Birmingham in July.