Want more confidence in the supply of components?

How do I know where it is now and when it will get here?!

It’s bad enough waiting for a longed-for delivery at home, let alone doing so for a vital component in a manufacturing process – the agony is more acute.

Will production need to be paused? Where is the component coming from? Will its manufacture comply with our environmental and ethical policies? How will it get here? When will it get here? Will it be right when it does get here?

This is the building anxiety many production managers will go through. It all feels a bit chancy. Whether it is due to lack of communication, suppliers at a distance or a combination of both for supplies from overseas.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get some certainty, clarity and visibility into the process. Some hard evidence that proves progress to delivery, quality and solid sources of supply.

Providing this piece of mind is what inspires Kajul. Not just to supply the right component, expertly and precisely manufactured, but also to keep their clients informed of progress towards the end goal so they can be confident in progressing with their plans.

Managing Director at Kajul, Karl Hamlin says, “From decades of working in the industry I have seen it evolve, driven by cost reductions, to rely so-often on what seem to be unaccountable sources of supply. It does no-ones’ blood pressure any good not-knowing what is going on with the progress on the supply of an important component. That’s why, when its time critical, we are happy to provide hard evidence of progress.”

Because everything is done from the Kajul facility in Southam, providing evidence is straightforward. From sharing images of: the partially complete component on machine tool, to the complete component on the pallet ready for packing; to being loaded on the carrier’s truck moments before it leaves for delivery.

Karl quipped, “I liken it to the Antiques Roadshow. I like our clients to know the provenance of what they are getting from us. In a way that you just can’t from ordering overseas.”

To find out more about the very individual service available from Kajul contact Karl: email – Karl Karl@kajul.co.uk, or phone: 01926 614 147.