Design engineering


KAJUL specialises in tool and product design and development, and has particular expertise in:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Project Management

We take a professional approach to design that ensures we deliver an innovative, effective solution to your design requirements. As you wish, we can take responsibility for the whole project or work collaboratively with your design team on machine tooling or product development. Either way, you will benefit from our depth of experience and engineering expertise, along with the latest computer and machine tooling technologies we employ at our premises.

Prototype design and development

Our team of highly skilled engineers has the capability to support your standard and bespoke requirements, on either an ad hoc or fully managed basis. Whether we are working on a prototype or tooling project, we will focus on product design, ease of use and performance benefits, looking at the technological feasibility of the product and whether it will meet design, resource and manufacturing requirements.


Product development engineering


Our team of product development engineers has the skill and resources to take any challenge, invention or product idea you may have and turn it into a real life, manufactured product. Our aim is to produce a solution that not only functions, but also is successful in today’s competitive market. To discuss your ideas and benefit from our specialist product development and engineering capabilities, please contact us today.