Reasons to choose KAJUL as your design development partner

Any new product, technology idea or concept needs to go through a process of design, development and testing, in preparation for market readiness. Whether you are an existing company or an entrepreneur with funding but little in-house expertise, you will need to outsource the necessary skills to progress your idea through the development cycle.

KAJUL offers the innovation, integrity, professionalism and tenacity you require to bring your product to market. As your trusted and experienced design development partner, we offer the following benefits:

Depth of Experience

Smart, creative thinking is supported by in-depth engineering experience and detailed knowledge of design for manufacture. With specialist knowledge of prototyping and materials, we can make recommendations from the start that may be instrumental in achieving manufacturing feasibility and reducing component parts. To ensure you fully understand all the steps involved, we will guide you through the product development process, recommending changes where appropriate.


Design for Manufacture

KAJUL will advise and assist you in the process of designing or engineering your product, facilitating the manufacturing process while minimising manufacturing costs. Potential problems can be fixed in the design phase, which is the least expensive place to address them. Other factors that govern manufacturability include type and form of raw material, dimensional tolerances and secondary processing, such as finishing.

Focus on your Project

As a client, you can be too close to a project, overlooking certain insights. When you partner with KAJUL, your tooling or prototype project will benefit from our industry perspective, enabling us to focus on such issues as ease of use, performance benefits, technological feasibility and whether it meets design, resource and manufacturing requirements.


Quality is of vital importance to our customers and an issue we take seriously. Providing quality entails the reliable supply of exactly what our customers want, when they want it, and is achieved by investment in up-to-date machinery and computing skills, along with a culture of people who care about what they do. We have a reputation for consistently delivering reliable and repeatable processes, and our customers know they can always expect and receive the agreed quality.

Turnkey Support

It is generally not viable for most companies to set up their own design development department, because of cost constraints. As your design development partner, KAJUL is always available to discuss your latest project, giving you access to the latest computing technology and machinery, along with the benefit of our experience and expertise, providing a highly cost-efficient design development solution.

Centrally Located

KAJUL’s central location near Leamington Spa in Warwickshire provides easy access across the UK. We are just 30 miles from Birmingham city centre, 12 minutes away from the M45 and 18 minutes from the M40. The rural location of our factory provides easy parking and ensures you won’t be delayed in traffic queues.


Part of your Team

As our partner, you will benefit from access to highly skilled technical design and engineering staff, providing your business with an instant engineering design development department. Our industry experts will help you design solutions that accelerate innovation, while improving project quality and cost effectiveness, and minimising your time input. Excellent customer service is our priority and we have already formed many strong partnerships with major companies across a diverse range of market sectors.


Technical Expertise

Product and technology design calls for mastery of highly complex software tools. We are adept at using the latest, industry standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machining (CAM), placing powerful technology at our fingertips, ensuring not only the highest levels of accuracy but also fast turnaround.

One Stop Shop

KAJUL’s capabilities are based under one roof, allowing us to take total responsibility for your product or tooling design and development, leaving you free to develop your core business. Outsourcing your design development in this way enables you to free up space and capital, removing the hassle of having to deal with sub-contractors.